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Welcome to the Xavier University Art Gallery and Collections Educational Resource Page. The resources included here are designed to encourage students to engage with the works of art featured in our gallery and collection on a deeper level. Designed with educators and students of all levels in mind, these resources present questions and topics for discussion, as well as artist biographies, contextual history, group activities and games that seek to bring our artwork to life through collaboration and discussion. Teachers can enrich their lessons both in the classroom and in gallery settings with these thoughtfully curated resources.

Xavier University of Louisiana is known internationally for its dedication to both the arts, with critically-lauded art and music departments, and the sciences, with its top-tier pharmacy school and record of sending approximately 80% of our medical school applicants being accepted for five years running.  With these resources, we seek to demonstrate how these disciplines inter-relate and enhance one another. The activities here discuss the ways in which art addresses disciplines like mathematics, engineering, chemistry, and other sciences, as well as how science opens and expands the possibility for both evolution and resilience in the creation of art.

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