• 1 Drexel Drive, New Orleans, Louisiana
Xulagallery- Gabby Tolliver


Since my formal introduction to visual art I have always been intrigued by painting. The many different styles and mediums exhibited in this sector of art allows for great experimentation. In my early works, I focused on the rendering of form and the use of color within that to portray emotions that would better depict the aura of my portraits. Becoming tiresome with my main focus being on properly representing a figure, I moved into abstract art. Abstract art has allowed me to test questions that I have about life through experimentation. The question that I am currently exploring is “How much of life is chance, if any at all”. The mediums I use to test this idea are acrylic paint, watercolor, and Chinese ink. With two out of the three mediums used, I have to relinquish some control to the material itself. This allows for the study of the “unknown” and what beauty the unknown may bring.